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Kessel Limited Consulting

Insight Lab:

Discover the benefits of performance auditing. Improve your strategies through gap analysis. Build or enhance campaigns through recommendations. Adjust the scope of your campaign to create a broader or narrower focus.


D2C Marketing Strategy Development: Envision your product or company's future. Plan a path forward and blueprint the process from start to finish.


Customer Experience and Touchpoint Analysis: Learn how your customers engage with your product and business. Uncover where customers connect and benefit from recommendations about how to increase touchpoints.


Pro Forma Financial & Break Even Model Development:


Competitive Research and Analysis: Discover your competitors’ marketing activity


Business Case Development: Qualitative and quantitative review of marketing strategies. Vetting and due diligence review of new product ideas. Viability and scalability assessments for product launches and line extensions.


Vendor Evaluation and Selection: Improve vendor integration and connect with over 40 vetted and best-in-class vendor-partners.


Marketing Capital Recruitment: Generate base funds through strategic partnering and investment opportunities.


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