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Why Kessel Limited?

As specialists in direct marketing, our focus is on connecting your products with your target consumers, using the best strategies available. Relying on market-wide experience, aggregated data, and advanced technology, Kessel Limited brings together the most effective people and tools to meet our clients’ needs. And because we operate on a pay-for-performance model, our success is directly tied to yours; we want to dial in the media, timing, and key campaign details to generate maximum reach and growth for your business.

Our job is to support your vision and ensure the success of your campaign throughout the entirety of its lifecycle. By offering advice rooted in experience, data, and technology, Kessel Limited enhances your choices and drives stronger results.

Our Services Pay for Themselves

Through our pay-for-performance model, our compensation is entirely based on the performance of your campaign. As allies, our team works with your team, seeing the big picture from your point of view. The best interests of your company are the same as ours, and so we focus on efficient operations, effective strategies, and optimal investments.

An additional benefit of our partnership is the connection we make with service providers. By identifying your particular needs, budget, and expectations, Kessel Limited matches you with the right vendors to support your business. Since Kessel Limited connects with vendors without any referral fees, our vendors benefit by offering our clients the best rates.

Pay-for-performance ensures the best outcomes for your products because we are invested in high sales and low costs, just like you. You’ll see maximum return with Kessel Limited’s full service direct marketing management.

Our Success = Your Success

Our clients dream big, and matching our vision to theirs and then challenging ourselves to dream bigger is what has made our success and the success of our clients possible.

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Our Map to Direct Marketing Excellence


Product Development

Creating products that customers want


Business Strategy

Building support services to ensure success


Creative Planning

Crafting campaigns tailored to your product, your audience, and specific media


Media Selection

Choosing media to generate the best response


Order Support

Streamlining order systems to engage customers


Impact Analysis

Cultivating data to boost sales


Information Processing

Gathering data to devise sales and promotion strategies


Distribution and payment

Identifying and deploying optimal delivery and payment systems


Customer Management

Connecting with consumers, maintaining customers, and growing your base

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