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Sourcing and Manufacturing Products

Discover and create products tailored to direct marketing with the help of our experts. Our team also provides guidance in determining the appropriate price for D2C products.

Strategy for Digital Media

Benefit from paid media like PPC, display, video, social, and comparison shopping engines by allowing our team to develop, execute, and optimize a strategy targeted to your products, business, and consumers.

Buying Digital Media

Drive maximum response by identifying the best digital media for your product, developing a business plan, and drafting a budget with informed digital media strategists at your side.

Strategy for TV Media

Determine the best allocation of your media dollars for the highest yield with in-depth analyses and expert management of your campaign’s strategy and performance on DRTV from our team.

Buying TV Media

Drive maximum response by identifying the best TV media for your product, developing a business plan, and drafting a budget with informed TV media strategists at your side.

Introduction to the ASEAN Market

Connect with the growing Southeast Asian market through Kessel Limited’s partnerships with extensive and prominent TV shopping companies in ASEAN countries.

Join the US Market from Foreign Markets

Trust Kessel Limited to develop strong criteria to test ideas for their suitability in target regions. Our team can help introduce new products to the US market, creating new opportunities for growth with our knowledge about meeting specific restrictions and requirements.


Ensure shipping, billing, and collection processes run smoothly by engaging Kessel Limited’s specialists to determine optimal delivery and payment collection methods for you and your products.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Optimize the movement of your goods through time and space with the help of our supply chain strategists who can evaluate the logistics and ensure successful delivery.

Payment Processing

Find the easiest and most efficient technologies to help process payments from vendors and customers. Our experts can help assess your needs and connect you with providers who can support your cash flow.

COD Options

Include Cash on Delivery and prepaid payment methods as options for your eCommerce store. Kessel Limited can show you how to increase customer flexibility by offering multiple payment options.

Local Payment Integration

Create more trusted payment options for customers who do not have or prefer not to use credit cards. Our experts know that additional payment methods build trust with customers and encourage them to proceed through the purchasing process.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Discover where your products belong, who your target markets are, and which products and companies form your competition. When you need more information to support product development, identify opportunities, and imagine strategies, Kessel Limited’s team can conduct the research you need to make the best decisions. Our researchers will estimate the market size, describe market segments, identify competitive products, uncover barriers to entry, assess distribution systems, reveal trends, and present key success factors. Through our honest assessment and clear recommendations, you can develop a plan to successfully enter and grow in your target market.

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