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Looking for product sourcing?

You’ll have no problem finding a manufacturer but at the risk of getting ripped off or misled. You always have options to try source products yourself or with an agent but with delays and excuses without proper management are common issues with sites like Alibaba. There is no need to worry about that with Kessel, we have years of relationships that have established strong manufacturing partners with high quality products at competitive costs

Reliability is the key to success

The hardest part of trying to source a manufacturer for your next great idea is finding a partner you can trust to deliver high quality goods while on time for your launch. You have many options to try and find a manufacturer on your own, but the vetting process can take weeks, which is valuable time that could have been spent starting production on your project. Working with Kessel we streamline all these processes, so you do not have to stress about the reliability of your manufacturing partner, as we know they already have a proven track record to complete projects in a timely manner, giving you the advantage!

World-Class Network

A manufacturer’s location is just as relevant as their capabilities. Within our network of manufacturers, they span across multiple countries that help launching products on different continents with scalability to fit your needs. We help mitigate the transportation logistics and navigate through all the ricks of trade policies etc.

Our Trusted Network

In business trust is the framework for lasting partnerships and we've developed that rapport with our manufacturers. It helps us to ensure a proven track record, product quality and unique capabilities that we share with clients to source the most profitable products.

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